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Berbekal Rembulan : Wednesday Haiku 159, Issa’s Untidy Hut

Yo prakanca, dolanan in njaba
padhang mbulan, padhange kaya rina
rembulane ne, sing awe-awe
ngelikake aja padha turu sore

Syair Lagu Dolanan


Glad seeing my humble work in ‘Wednesday Haiku’! Thank you to Daryl, Poorni, Pranav, Gillena, PK, and Don, for guiding into this beautiful haiku gathering..


Last load

my son spreads his hand

to weigh the moon


Ken Sawitri (Indonesia)
Published for the 1st time in Wednesday Haiku #159 in Issa’s Untidy Hut, the poetry blog for Lilliput Review on May 14th 2014
Selected by Don Wentworth


P.K. Padhy said:

“Ken’s imagism incorporating ‘zoka’, and ‘yugen’ in the haiku is highly appreciative.”

Gillena Cox said:

“.. how can i not just luv the zen of Ken’s haiku.”

And Don Wentworth said:

“Hot peppers!”


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