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Haiku Kulit Komodo nan Berkilau : cattails, Collected Works of UHTS, September 2014

old museum

a stray garden saurian’s

shiny skin

Ken Sawitri (Indonesia)
Published for the 1st time in Cattails, collected works of UHTS, September 2014 Edition
Selected by an’ya

UHTS Cattails 14.3 Sep 2014 Art Ed Baker Copyright © 2014

What an Amazing World!

The Town of Labuan Bajo The Town of Labuan Bajo

Dry, hot, flat.

As soon as we left the endless verdant hills of Manggarai, a vast expanse of flat plains scorching under the midday sun welcomed us. No more snaking roads with sharp turns along steep slopes. Instead, Dino sped the car on a long road westward to Labuan Bajo, cutting through dry savanna. He turned on the music player and soon Florenese songs with playful lyrics kept us awake, despite the dull sight as far as the eyes could see.

However as we drew closer to the western end of Flores, hills emerged from the horizon. Dino skillfully conquered more twists and turns on the final leg of our overland trip across Flores which began in Maumere. Minutes later Dino drove us through the main road directly above downtown Labuan Bajo with a view we had expected to see: a small bay with several…

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