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Teapot Photo Haiku from Indonesia into NHK World TV Programme (Video). Honoured Being Chosen among 3830 photo haiku submissions from 89 countries & territory

How I treasure the opportunity to receive feedback about my work.

Honoured my photo-haiku in collaboration with Jimat Achmadi , being chosen among 3830 photo haiku submissions from 89 countries & territory in HAIKU MASTERS, NHK World TV Programme and NHK World Video on Demand, Episode 8: ‘Embassy of Sweden / Tokyo’.

A very warm and hearty thank you to Michio Nakahara-sensei (Haiku Master) and Mr. Kai Falkman, Ambassador and the Honorary President of the Swedish Haiku Society, who have reviewed our  humble work.

Thank you for the support, guidance, and encouragement.
My bow,

Ken Sawitri




Photo Haiku Ken Sawitri Painting & Photograph Jimat Achmadi (Indonesia) Published for the 2nd time in HAIKU MASTERS, Episode 8 : ‘Embassy of Sweden / Tokyo’, NHK World TV Programme on November 28th-29th, 2016 & NHK World Video on Demand Broadcast on November 28th, 2016 Available until December 26th, 2016 Published for the 1st time in NHK World TV Gallery, HAIKU MASTERS Episode 11/2016 #8, November 2016 Curated by Michio Nakahara


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